Which WSET course should I choose?


WSET Approved Programme ProviderWe are frequently asked by prospective candidates, which WSET level should I study first?

WSET courses are split into four levels, designated 1 -4. Level 1 is an introductory course suited to those people with no prior knowledge or experience of wine.

Most students join us at Level 2, due to the fact that they have experience in the business or a basic understanding of wine.  We recommend that students join at this level in order to gain an understanding of the world of wine, practice the WSET Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting and become used to English language terminology prior to moving on to the more difficult Level 3.

WSET Level 3 is open to students who have previously passed Level 2 or those who can exhibit the required level of wine and spirits knowledge in our L3 admissions test.  Level 3 comprises a multiple choice exam, a written answer exam and a blind tasting.

Level 4, the WSET Diploma, is open only to students that have successfully passed Level 3. The WSET Diploma is regarded by international employers as the must have qualification for those serious about pursuing a management level career in the wine and spirits business.  The WSET Diploma is also the springboard for those students aspiring to join the Institute of Masters of Wine programme.

If you are unsure about which level to study please email info@wineacademyitalia.com and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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