What our pupils say

Thank you! It has been truly a pleasure to attend the course and to meet you.

F.M WSET Level 3 Montalcino

Great combination of quality teaching, wonderful wine and a nice personal atmosphere.

KR Holland, WSET L2 Chianti Classico

Thank you again for your classes – I really enjoyed them, and learnt a lot.

FG Genova, WSET L2 virtual class

The instructors give you the key to open a door to the world of wine.

GP, WSET Level 2 Puglia

An exciting experience, full of insights. Wonderful team, excellent location.

NQ, WSET Level 2 Puglia

That’s a great way to study wine.

A.S. Switzerland, Level 3

Interesting and instructive. Never a dull moment during lessons.

FB, Italy Level 3

Really enjoyed the course and how you delivered it.

DG Switzerland, WSET L2 Firenze

Great class. Look forward to joining you for the next level.

A.B. Italy, Level 2

An amazing opportunity to taste wines from so many different climates and countries.

S.R. Italy, Level 2

Very refreshing style. Great location!! Great instructors!

N.C. USA, Level 3

Top notch in every respect.

AC, Level 3 Tuscany

A great dive into the international world of wine professionals!

V.A. USA, Level 2